EE “Live in Lockdown” featuring Hubbub livestream Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021 at 1 pm PT (4 pm ET)

Live from Gabriola Island, BC

Watch it live at

or later on the EE Youtube channel

Hubbub is an experiment by three seasoned improvisers at the intersection of acoustic and electroacoustic music. Combining theremin, glass harmonica, electric cello and micro-percussion with extended vocal techniques, Hubbub constructs sonic textures that range from delicate tonal explorations to bouts of madcap storytelling.

Vocalists DB Boyko and Christine Duncan, building on their previous collaboration known as Idiolalla, are joined by percussionist and cello improviser Andreas Kahre, in a trio that is really a quartet: Hubbub’s sound is created in and by the space’s sonic architecture, and offers a unique amalgam of acoustic and acousmatic elements.

Hubbub’s music is informed by the pleasure of spontaneous sound making, collective improvisation, new music, jazz, electroacoustic composition, and perhaps most of all, by the late American composer Pauline Oliveros’ concept of deep listening.

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